Past Derrida Today Conferences

CFP for 4th Derrida Today Conference

Venue: Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, New York City, USA.

Date: 4pm 28th May - 6pm 31st May, 2014.

Keynotes: Karen Barad (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA), Elizabeth Grosz (Duke University, USA), Martin Hägglund (Yale University, USA), Michael Naas (De Paul University, USA).

Conference Directors and Organisers: Samir Haddad (Fordham University, NY) and Nicole Anderson (Macquarie University, Sydney).

Call for Papers:

The Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of either Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, to the political-ethical, cultural, artistic and public debates and philosophical futures that confront us.

The conference will be broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals on any aspect of Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, in relation to various topics and contemporary issues, such as: philosophy, phenomenology and other theoretical/philosophical thinkers, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, law, film and visual studies, haptic technologies, photography, art, music, dance, embodiment, feminism, race and whiteness studies, disability studies, politics, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory, sexuality, education, science (physics, biology, medicine, chemistry), IT and multimedia, technology, etc. We also accept papers that engage in the spirit of deconstructive thought (if not on Derrida or deconstruction itself).

The conference is based on the journal Derrida Today (Chief Editors: Nicole Anderson & Nick Mansfield. The journal is published by Edinburgh University Press, ISSN: 1754-8500). EUP Journal Website:

Information about past Conferences and the Journal can be found at the Derrida Today conference archive


Due dates for Abstracts and Panel Proposals: 1st October 2013 (notification of acceptance of abstracts will be at the end of Oct 2013).

Individual Abstracts & Panel Proposals should be sent as an attachment to

Conference Screening

Love in the Post

2014, 80 minutes

Love in the Post is inspired by the book The Post Card by Jacques Derrida. Like the book, the film plays with fact and fiction, weaving together the stories of a scholar of literature and a film director, alongside insights from critics and philosophers.

Theo Marks works in a university department that is soon to be closed. His wife Sophie, enigmatic and distant is in analysis. Filmmaker Joanna struggles to complete a film about The Post Card. These people are set on a collision course prompted by a series of letters that will change their lives.

The film features a never before seen interview with Derrida, alongside contributions from Geoff Bennington, Ellen Burt, Catherine Malabou, J. Hillis Miller and Sam Weber.

Directed by Joanna Callaghan.

Written by Joanna Callaghan and Martin McQuillan.

Produced by Heraclitus Pictures

See the trailer:

More information:

Derrida Today Conference 2012

The 3rd Derrida Today International Conference was held at The University of California, Irvine, USA from the 11th -13th July. The conference was hosted by UCI and was Directed and Organised by: Steven Barker (UCI), Nicole Anderson (Macquarie University, Sydney), and Martin McQuillan (Kingston University, UK)

Keynote speakers included:

The conference also featured Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths), Elina Staikou (Goldsmiths)Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University), Kas Sagafi, Pleshette De Armitt, Paul Livingston, Martin McQuillan, Steven Barker, and Nicole Anderson as special guest speakers.

Claire Colebrook launched Nicole Anderson's new book Derrida: Ethics Under Erasure (Edinburgh University Press).

An art exhibit on Jacques Derrida was displayed at the conference. The artist was Ewa Bobrowska.

Derrida Today Conference 2010

The 2nd Derrida Today International Conference was held at The Goodenough College, Bloomsbury, London from 19th to 21st July 2010. The conference was hosted by Kingston University, London (Martin McQuillan and Simon Morgan Wortham) & Macquarie University, Sydney (Nicole Anderson and Nick Mansfield). Approximately 300 people registered and attended the conference.

Keynote speakers included:

The conference also featured Grant Farred (Cornell University, USA) and Joanna Hodge (Manchester Metropolitan University) as special guest speakers and Martin McQuillan launched Derek Attridge’s new book: Reading and Responsibility: Deconstruction’s Traces (Edinburgh University Press).

View the short movie clip filmed at the Derrida Today Conference in 2010:


Derrida Today Conference 2008

The 1st conference was organised and convened by Nicole Anderson and Nick Mansfield and held in Sydney from 10th to 12th July, 2008. Approximately 150 people registered and presented papers at the conference.

Keynote speakers included:

At this conference the 1st Derrida Today journal (Vol.1, No.1): Co-Chief editors Nicole Anderson and Nick Mansfield; Reviews Editor Martin McQuillan – was launched by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University Judyth Sachs. This first conference was sponsored by Macquarie University.